Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the only two Islamic Holidays. It takes place on the first of Shawwal, after the last fast of Ramadan.

Sunnah on the Day of Eid

The following acts are sunnah on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr:

  • To clean one's teeth with a miswak or brush.
  • Cut nail and extra hair on the body.
  • To have a bath.
  • To put on one's best available clothes.
  • To use perfume and kohl.
  • Eat before the Eid prayer

Eid Salah Method

The Salat of Eid is two rak'at salah with 6 additional Takbeerat.

First Rak'at

  • The Imam will begin the salat without adhan or iqamah.
  • He will begin the salat by saying the Takbir-of-Tahrimah.
  • Both Imam and Muqtadees will place hands on each other and read the Sanaa.
  • Takbir #1, where you will raise the hands and lower them.
  • Takbir #2, you will raise the hands and lower them.
  • Takbir #3, you will raise the hands and place them on your navel.
  • After this the Imam will perform the rest of the Rak'at normally.

Second Rak'at

  • In the second rak'at the Imam will recite the Qur'an first and before ruku' he will say the Takbir three times.
  • After these Takbirs have been completed the Imam will say the Takbir to go into ruku' and the rest of the Salat will continue normally.


After the prayer Imam will face the congregation and deliver two sermons in Arabic.

NOTE: Listening to the khutbah is Wajib.


Hanafi:(3.85 lbs. wheat)
(4.8 lbs. wheat)
Barley:(7.7 lbs.)
Dates:(7.7 lbs.)
Raisins:(7.7 lbs.)