Masjid is open for five times daily prayers and the Jumuah sermon & prayers.

Prayer times are updated on this website daily, please see the chart on this page to find the Iqamah time for the Jama'ah.


Perpetual Iqamah Times

Quran Classes

Evening Classes

Quran classes for boys are taught by Sheikh Bilal around Asr time, Monday to Thursday.

Morning Classes

Morning classes are offered before the school starts at 8AM, Mondays & Wednesdays.

All Quran classes are free of charge.

Hifz Classes

Hifz classes for boys are available on weekends from 10am to 1pm. Seats are limited please contact us for details.

Other Programs

We do offer other programs like, Hadees after Fajr, Taleem after Maghrib/Isha, Hajj classes and more.

All programs are announced on this website, or find details at the mosque for specific programs.

Islamic Calendar

All Hijri dates will be based on local moon sighting for determining the beginning of each month.

This includes, Ramadan and both Eids. Moon sighting announcement will be made on these website.

Parking Rules

  • Please use street parking ONLY
  • No parking in the back.
  • No parking on 228th between 4PM to 7PM.
  • No parking on the green zone except for Fajr prayer.
Please abide by the parking rules and be nice to the neighbors.